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Cultivating Inner Present Moment Awareness is about becoming more aware of the world we spiritually live in.  We are spiritually not in the physical world but in our physical bodies.  Because we are in our physical bodies we have to experience our physical experiences through our minds and emotions.  Because our minds and emotions are developed by our physical environments we don’t get to choose how they will react to our physical experiences.  We only get to choose how we will react to them.  We believe we are reacting to reality but we are actually reacting to a reaction to reality.  That reaction is coming from our minds and emotions.  This book will show you how to create separation from your mind and emotions so that you can see how they react before you act.  Get your copy now so that you can begin to create freedom from your mind and emotions.

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Emotional prisoner, trapped behind the bars of my thoughts, is a word picture of how I lived my life. These pictures are trapped in one's mind by their emotions and the only way to get free is by unlocking them with the key of Honesty. There's a difference between honesty and truth. Truth is what you know and honesty is telling what you know.  We must tell the truth about ourselves because we are as sick as our secrets. What do I know about being an emotional prisoner? I'm a recovering sex addict, drug addict, shop-a-holic, alcoholic, people pleaser, and chronic overeater. What drove all of my addictions were my negative emotions. I've been on Zoloft and Prozac, which helped me to serve time in my own mind. Today I'm not on any medication as a direct result of the work I've done mentally. My Book will show you how the emotional prison is created and how to parole yourself from the prison of your mind. It's a powerful and life changing book.

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